Vegetarian Meals and Sandwiches


Chickpeas spread with garlic, lemon & tahina.


Grounded chickpeas mix with onions, parsley, garlic & spices. (fried)


mashed smoked eggplant mixed with tahini, olive oil and various seasonings.

Fool Mudames

Fava beans seared, and then simmered in liquid for a long period of time until tender. Then mashed with our special spices served with your choice of sun flower or Flaxseed oil.


layers of fried eggplant immersed in tomato sauce and then baked. The dish can be served hot or cold upon your request.

Baladi Salad

big diced cuts from variety of fresh vegetables with our special hot vinaigrette dressing.


pasta, rice, and lentils.
The magic finish comes from a spicy tomato-sauce topping and garnish of fried onions,

Meats Sandwiches or plates

Eggs & Pastrami

eggs served with seasoned air-dried cured beef.

Alexandrian Liver

Stir Fried liver with fresh Chili or green peppers &
Garlic. served with Tahini Sauce


eastern Sausage with a various blend of spices mixed with sauteed vegetables . served with Tahini Sauce

Chicken Shawerma

slices of seasoned grilled chicken served on a bed of garlic paste .

Beef Shawerma

slices of seasoned grilled beef served on a bed of your choice of tahina or hummus paste.


Hummus Sham

Warm, spicy, hot and filling drink. (winter drink)