a delectable, any-time-of-day, year-round whole that is far more addictive than the sum of its humdrum base parts: pasta, rice, and lentils.
The magic finish comes from a spicy tomato-sauce topping and garnish of fried onions, all enhanced by garlic-vinegar or chili. Koshary is one of the most common Egyptian food and kind of like a national dish.


Ground chickpeas mix with onion , parsley , garlic & spices and fried served with tahini sauce .

Aubergine Food truck one of the 6 Inspired Food Trucks .


 Is thinly sliced cuts of meat, your choice of chicken or beef, grilled and served on a toasted hero roll. The bread contains tahini, garlic sauce, and vegetables . It can also be served over rice and salad in a delicious plate.

Fried shrimP

Seasoned with flour and spices , served over rice with tahini sauce on the side .

Stuffed grape leaves

Grape leaves stuffed with rice ,spices herbs ,oil and tomato sauce. cooked in Egyptian way.

Our Story & How We Started

As Aubergine, we aim at promoting the foodstuff industry as we introduce dishes that suit the American taste & integrate between different cultures by merging different oriental & western recipes to make new dishes that are a fusion of American & Eastern tastes with overwhelming Egyptian touch.


is an eggplant– (aubergine) , thinly sliced eggplant is fried and served in a thick tomato sauce. Moussaka may be consumed warm or at room temperature. In some countries it is often eaten cold, but is also served hot in some regions.


Seasoned with flour and spices ,served in Egyptian bread with tahini sauce.

We ready for festivals, and different kind of events. birthday ,engagement , wedding .

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